DSI Telemetry

PhysioTel Hybrid Digital (HD) implants enable you, the researcher, the ability to collect various combinations of physiologic parameters from mice, rats, hamsters and other small animals.


Dr. Sebastian Brachs (t: +49 30 450 514333) 

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General information about DSI Telemetry

DSI PhysioTel Implantable Telemetry is designed for monitoring and collecting data from conscious, freely moving laboratory animals. These advanced implants are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate species and cage size requirements. The transmitter is only one component of the complete DSI System which includes software, acquisition hardware, calibration hardware, surgical and validation assistance. Learn more about the latest small animal telemetry: PhysioTel HD

Ease of use 

  • Auto-configuration of implants to save time
  • Encoded animal ID to prevent wrong data collection
  • Device on-time counter to track remaining battery life

Enhanced performance 

  • Improved parameter sensitivity 
  • Reduced pressure channel drift and improved accuracy 
  • Consolidate studies with more signal types combined into a single implant

Proven success 

  • Proven chronic in vivo pressure sensing 
  • Versatile platform supports a wide range of research applications 
  • Established in the global research community


DSI offers a variety of transmitters to improve data quality and simplify studies depending on the parameters required for each study.  Researchers and scientists can measure arterial pressure, venous pressure, left ventricular pressure, intra-ocular pressure, bladder pressure, kidney pressure, ECG, EMG, EEG, EOG, glucose, temperature, activity, as well as other parameters.