Regular events of CCR

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Here you will find an overview of the CCR's regular events

Initiative of the junior post-doctoral fellows

Regular seminars for doctoral students have been offered at the CCR since its founding in 2003. These seminars formerly took place within the framework of the DFG-funded graduate training group "Gender-specific mechanisms of myocardial hypertrophy" (GK 754) and the EU Early Stage Training Program CARDIOVASC. These seminars are now maintained and continued at the initiative of Dr. Elke Dworatzek and Dr. Christoph Reichetzeder under the new name "Young-CCR".

Science Barbecue

In the summer months, we organize several open-air meetings in the courtyard of the institute, accompanied by barbecuing, kicker games and music. The relaxed atmosphere invites you to get in touch with the staff, to discuss current research topics or simply to celebrate and relax. Depending on the weather, next meetings will be determined spontaneously, but at the latest one week in advance, and will be communicated by email. We also organize a larger summer festival and a Christmas celebration once a year. All groups of the CCR, especially all new employees, are cordially invited and also friends and acquaintances are often and gladly seen.

Cardiology Sciences Lunch Berlin (CSLB)

for more Information, please follow this link Cardiology Science Lunch Berlin


The metabolic CCR seminar ...

takes place every Wednesday morning and focuses on the genetics, cell biology and physiology of metabolism and obesity, as well as metabolic syndromes and its implications e.g. cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.

Each seminar alternating speakers will present their work in consensus to recent literature. For all participants it is a chance to have time for an open sharing of knowledge and giving and receiving constructive feedback.

 In addition, it is a great way to stay in touch with scientists of the CCR and keep motivated even if a new project doesn't work right away. All active groups of the CCR are cordially invited to participate and to suggest established scientists to give talks in our seminar.

Organization: Moritz Oster t: +49 30 450 578 725.